The most advanced technology for people and the environment.

...with a simple rotating hexagon, coming full circle: to produce with less pollution, contributing to a cleaner ecosystem.

Can a young, small company radically change the way people think about a consolidated productive technique that is part of an industrial process already considered to be avant-garde?

Of course it can. Ecostar, founded in 1997 and still headed by the Cappozzo family, is living proof.

Innovative intuition, made possible through extensive experience in the field of agricultural machinery, research, experimentation, continuous improvement of the product, and the idea was transformed into reality. Today Ecostar is synonymous with the most advanced and refined technology in the mechanical separation of waste and scrap materials.

This field is undergoing exponential growth around the world, and is pertinent to the most relevant environmental themes and mobility, aligned with economic interests. In fact, thanks to these technologies landfills are being emptied and many types of waste can be efficiently used to produce combustible fuels and sources of clean energy, like biomass and RDF, or substances used in agriculture and forestry as compost.

The primary Ecostar patent is part of this scenario, the anti-clogging system with flat hexagonal discs, significantly changing habitual practices in terms of consumption, productive performance, size, and expected amortization and return on investment.

And last but not least, the data relative to the pollutant emissions over the course of the process are impressive. With a simple rotating hexagon, coming full circle: to produce with less pollution, contributing to a cleaner ecosystem.

The screen of tomorrow: aiming for more intelligent recycling.

Ecostar is committed to continuously elevate the possibilities and performance in screening of wastes and scrap materials. This is the company’s true vocation, with the final objective of improving a process that benefits the planet and humans alike, while at the same time ensuring more professional and economic efficiency for sector operators.

Ecostar works primarily with designers and builders of systems for waste disposal and the production of biomass, ecological fuels and compost, renewable energies, utility companies, and public and private multi-utilities, service providers.

In order to make the most advanced and innovative available to these final users, who day after day are moving the state of the art technologies in the sector forward, Ecostar invests in continuous research and development, committing a team of young, highly motivated and well trained designers and technicians, capable of implementing the most modern tools available.

The goal of this highly skilled team is to continue to push the operational limits and performance margins of the dynamic screen forward, as well as to perfect the systems that implement the star screen to their maximum, a solution that is still indicated today for specific uses.

The goal is an ambitious one: to make a mark in the evolution of a technology destined to limit the profound impact left by humans on the environment.