The anti-clogging system: an Ecostar patent.

Guarantees prevention of material clogging and tangling

sistema anti-intasamento (o sistema anti-attorcigliamento Ecostar At the heart of the concept of the dynamic screen for urban and industrial waste introduced by Ecostar is the simple yet effective anti-clogging system (or anti-tangle system), invented and patented by Ecostar.

The disc screen system is based on effective American and German technology, which however when applied for specific types of materials was faced with the important problem of clogging and tangling of the waste around the shafts of the machine. This defect produced significant difficulties during the maintenance process, slowing the production process down and also resulting in considerable absorption (and therefore waste) of power.

Ecostar, backed up by extensive experience in the field and at the conclusion of a prolonged period of research and experimentation, resolved this problem once and for all with the development of a patented anti-cloggin system in 1999.

What makes the system special, rendering it so functional and effective?

The traction shaft is fitted with loose sleeves in a highly resistant material (PVC, aluminum, steel – specifically designed for each application) independent from the rotation of the same shaft. This system prevents the long, stringy parts of the material being screened from tangling around the shaft, resulting in optimum separation of the material.

The covering of the hexagonal/octagonal disc with its flat profile, in diverse widths, permits effective advancement of the material thanks to the flat surface with and up and down movement.

Thanks to patented Ecostar technology, high handling capacity with reduced dimensions, high level of particle separation and low power absorption are all possible.