Dynamic disc screen: a six-sided revolution.

Technology that guarantees concrete, consistent advantages in respect to traditional screen systems.

The screening process is at the heart of mechanical separation of scrap materials.

This industry continues to become more and more important at both a global and local level, because of the significant impacts on ecosystems and growing economic value in the specific sector and in those industrial sectors connected to it. In fact, this process makes it possible to recycle diverse types of materials, which can then be used for the production of alternative and renewable energy sources, RDF, SRF and Biogas.

Traditional vibrating, trommel and star screening machines have several critical issues over the mid-term and long-term. In fact, the materials subjected to screening wind up tangling around the components, clogging, obstructing and blocking the mechanisms, with negative consequences in terms of working times and costs, assistance services and impacted production results.

To ensure satisfactory performance, these machines are also large or very large in size, therefore requiring sufficient space for their installation.

Dynamic disc screen technology designed and developed by Ecostar offers solutions for all of these issues.



The six sides of the Ecostar revolution.


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The key to the entire system is the hexagonal disc, capable of the highest performance levels; hard, tenacious and lightweight, it is manufactured in various sizes and widths, according to the quality and quantity of the materials to be treated, assembled through pins on independent axes.

The advantages of the dynamic disc screen in respect to the trommel (rotating drum) screen are impressive:

  1. drastically reduced space required for installation and use
  2. extremely high production capacity, up to 200 tons/hour, for the most refined materials, with optimum separation quality
  3. reduced consumption up to 25% and less need for assistance and maintenance
  4. possibility to change the screen dimension +/- 20% at any time
  5. less pollutant emissions with more consistent production
  6. much faster amortization and return on investment


The dynamic screen functions by agitating the material being screened up and down. Shaking shortens the separation process and increases speed. This makes it possible to obtain the highest quality screened material with smaller, space saving machines.


From 10 to 200 tons/hour (depending on the type of material being screened and the length of the screen) – Using an appropriate shredder, it is possible to reach production levels far superior to rotating drum screen systems. The up and down separation system ensures that the material is extremely clean.


7.5 kW → up to 4 m. length

15 kW → over 4 m. length


Thanks to the patented anti-clog system, the Ecostar dynamic scree requires only minimal maintenance.


Given its small dimensions, the Ecostar dynamic screen is appropriate for multiple installation solutions.


The price of the Ecostar dynamic screen is very competitive in respect to the prices of other screens in proportion to its performance, dimensions and operating costs.


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