Beyond traditional screening. The Ecostar environment.

Dynamic disc screen technology designed and developed by Ecostar, the absolute best solution for the screening process.

The Ecostar Dynamic screen, manufactured by the company based on their original patented technology, is a latest generation disc screen.

The only of its kind, it is composed of a series of hexagonal or octagonal disc shafts, with a patented flat profile.

The anti-clogging system is the second international Ecostar patent. It allows the loose sleeves to move freely in between the discs, preventing the material from clogging or tangling.

standard shaft - Ecostar Dynamic screen

The Ecostar screen produced impressive results when used for the separation of many different materials in a wide range of application fields: from urban waste to industrial or hazardous waste, wood, tires, car fluff, metals, compost, etc., with a separation capacity that reaches up to 200 tons/hour (according to the type of material).

The screen is produced in several versions (stationary, hooklift, mobile) and in various sizes to satisfy diverse market demands.

The dynamic Ecostar screen also allows differentiating the preset screen width ( ± 20% ), varying the speed of the shafts through the use of inverters (optional, to be inserted in the system’s main power panel).


The shredded material is loaded into the front section on a conveyor belt, then it passes over the screen discs where it is subjected to intense up and down movement that separates the waste into two portions:

  • The screened material falls below the screening surface, through the space between the discs.
  • The material remaining on the top of the screen continues its course to the final section of the screening surface; subjected to continuous mechanical stress; the result is a dry, clean portion ready to undergo subsequent recycling or energetic recovery.

The new feature of the dynamic Ecostar screen consists of a simple but effective anti-clog system, a patented technology developed over several years of investments in research and development and extensive field testing.

The introduction and combined use of its patented systems make Ecostar an absolute innovator in the waste separation sector, proposing an innovative solution that in comparison to traditional screen systems offers economic and logistical advantages.


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